Eadness / Whitewall Dinner

by Susannah Tantemsapya

Last week, Whitewall hosted an intimate dinner in Los Angeles with Eadness, a global platform dedicated to bespoke luxury experiences. The evening celebrated renowned watch brands Hautlence, Rudia Sylva and DeLaneau. Situated in the historic Sunset Tower Hotel, this elegant affair was perfectly placed within its Art Deco architecture. 

Eadness founders, Nathalie Veysset and Jon Omer, welcomed guests with an informal exploration of timepieces as well as Shawish custom-made jewelry. Those in attendance included Nicolas Libert and Emmanuel Renoird; founders of the new concept store Please Do Not Enter in Downtown Los Angeles.

The word “eadness” simply means that to experience luxury gives one a feeling of happiness. “If you own this watch and wear this watch, then the pleasure is yours,” expressed Omer.

The distinct craftsmanship of these brands is best described through the production process. It takes around 100 hours for one watchmaker to produce a bespoke timepiece by hand.

“As a product designer, I wanted to reinvent how to tell the time,”

said Guillaume Tetu, Co-Founder and CEO of Hautlence. “The only solution was to create my own brand with friends. We launched Hautlence in 2004. We wanted to respect the historical tradition on how to make a beautiful watch. For that, we just design in-house, the technical parts and the creativity. We get all the best talents in the national area producing that, with manual finishing, polishing and everything.”

At the end of the night, guests received gift bags with DeLafée Swiss chocolate truffles encompassed in 24-karat edible gold, a sumptuous treat for a memorable evening.

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